Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director


A man wakes up with exacerbated sense of smell, a woman has lost sens of touch, a man takes his wife for a hat, a woman sees only half of her plate, half of her face, half of the world.

The clinical cases dealt by the neurologist Oliver Sacks in his book The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat all present more or less serious disturbances of perception and sensation. They give a glimpse of a world of which otherwise we would have no idea, a world of music, pictures and metaphors.

Six performers give life to this primitive language and take us into the heart of the melodies and inner scenery of consciousness.


Role : Assistant & Actress
Project type : Interdisciplinary creation
Creation year : August 2016
Stage Director Hélène Lacrosse / Choreography Fatou Traoré / Sound design & live music Antoine Vilain / Lights Nicolas Oubraham / Costumes Anne Terrien
Actors and dancers : Aurore Lacrosse alternately with Boryana Todorova, Bérénice De Clercq, Delphine Mertens, Olivier Roisin, Pierange Buondelmonte alternately with Adrien Desbons, Souleymane Sanogo alternately with Yvan Nuati Maj, Antoine Vilain alternately with Aurélien Van Trimpont
Premiere : 30 of August 2016, La Raffinerie, Brussels (BE) / Reprise : January & February 2019, Les Riches Claires, Brussels (BE)
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Photographe : Thibault Grégoire