Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

En suspens

En suspens is a polyphony of women bodies who come alive to the rhythm of Klimt's sketches. It is the claim of the feminine desire, in its multiplicities, not to serve a fantasy but to assert an identity. The body that tastes, which is accepted as sexual without that it means pornographic, to the very antithesis of pornography since it is body-subject and not body-object. And this brings us into a sensory universe where ecstasy and melancholy rub shoulders, twin in their quest for a body crossed. It is a dance of the soul, the soul as the song of the organs.

Role : Actress
Project type : Performance
Creation year : March, April, May 2019
Concept Camille Rasera / Assistant Justine Deli
With : Regina Bikkinina, Nathalie De Muijlder, Julie Goldsteinas, Cécile Lassonde, Marie Phan, Célia Rorive & Boryana Todorova / Drawing Julie Pappi
Premiere : 27 & 28 of April 2019, Courants d'airs, Brussels (BE) / Reprise May 2019 KNUST Festival,  Brussels (BE)
Web sites :, nathaliedemuijlder, julie-goldsteinas