Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

Attracteurs Etranges • Strange Attractors

Collaboration with Elisabeth Bard visual artist.

Time and water break down and recompose ... Face and reverse ... Positive, negative, impression, revelation. Imprint and disappearance, trace. The body as a territory ...

How using old photos of unknown places and faces, on one side, and pieces of ice melting and destroying the paper that supports them, on the other side, will create the topography of disappearance? Disappearance of memory. Appearance. What will be the traces left by fragmentation and obliteration?

What new territories will be revealed by the action of the strange attractor hidden in the chaotic dynamics of the unstable system of encounter?
Random, autonomous actions of the materials, initiatory gestures, and openness to what is happening.

The motion is in the shape.


Role : Conception, installation & performance
Project type : Performance & installation
Creation year : June 2018
Project by & with Elisabeth Bard & Boryana Todorova 
Premiere : June 2018, Le Maga, Brussels (BE) / Reprise September 2019
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Photographe : Elisabeth Bard et Boryana Todorova