Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

Crac dedans

(Inner snip)

Rose and Noé are alone at home. Noé has a mission: keep an eye on his little sister. Rose is a child, she is not allowed to go outside. The outside is for the adults, those who are able to fight against the wind. But Rose’s desire is so strong...
Rose and Noé will question, tease, confront, assert themselves.

It is a story of the outside that comes inside, a story of children and a story of growing-up. It is the story of a fraternity, a quest for freedom, an invitation to overcome fears and to grow better.

Role : Assistant
Project type : Piece for youth public
Creation year : 2014-2015
Playwright & Stage Director Stéphanie Mangez / Scenography Cécile Balate assisted by Harmony Garry / Lights Clément Papin / Music Stéphane Kaufeler / Advisor Anne-Claire Van Oudenhove
Actors : Mélissa Leon Martin & Julien Collard
Premiere : 29 of December 2014, Noël au Théâtre, Théâtre Marni, Brussels (BE) / 18 of August 2015, Rencontres du Théâtre jeune Public, Huy (BE)
Website : &

Photographe : Quentin Van der Vennet