Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

Je ne vois plus le visage de l'homme

(I can not see the human's face)

This project, which is situated between dance and theater, is about the collective memory and more precisely, the mass graves in Spain. The starting point was the following reflection: How can a people built its identity by walking on its own dead? In a space out of time, out of place, three bodies fall, merge and rise to commemorate their dead, or their living. Everyone struggles not to sink into silence, which is imposed by a political or religious power, after a war or a dictatorship.   Elisa Lozano-Raya

Role : Actress
Project type : Theatrical creation
Creation year : November 2015, March, April 2016
Stage Director : Elisa Lozano-Raya / Assistant Mercedes Dassy / Scenography & sound design Tom Lombardo
Actors : Adrien Drumel, Hugo Messina & Boryana Todorova
Premiere : 15 of April 2016, Courants d’Airs Festival, Royal Conservatory of Brussels (BE)
With the support of : Centre des Arts Scéniques & Claudio Bernardo
Links : mercedesdassy, tomlombardo

Photographe : Anna Basile