Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

Blind collage, 
Human sea,
 Attempt, Extending the area of sensitive

Four performances for a body in action and its reflexive trace.
Four days to make space for the chance, the unknown, the imaginary, the fragile. Make a space for itself too, for another rhythm and for another body. Allow. Invite the opening. Looking away, see here, perhaps.

Performance "Collage aveugle"Collage aveugle / Blind Collage

Saturday 28 of May 2016, from 2 pm to 7 pm

Traces of brief escapes
Moving mandala
Random choice

Attempt to sublimate accumulation. Compulsively accumulate flyers of artistic events, for the brief moment of escape that they provoke in everyday life. Leave to chance the task of finding meaning. Create a moving mandala of un/happy combinations, hazardous in any case.

Performance "Mer humaine"La mer humaine / Human sea

Sunday 29 of May 2016, from 2 pm to 7 pm

Between two lands
A sea
Breaths taken away


Performance "Tentative"Tentative / attempt

Saturday 4 of June 2016, from 2 pm to 7 pm

De/Re/Construct reality
Understanding by impregnation

Daniil Kharms is a Russian author considered as belonging to the absurd movement. His world is particularly strange. What would happen during an immersion of several hours in this strangeness? Will it lead to a sweet madness or a deeper understanding?

Performance "Extension du domaine du sensible"Extension du domaine du sensible / extending the area of sensitive

Sunday 5 of June 2016, from 2 pm to 7 pm

An enigma, a question, a utopia
Face to face

Beyond, a dance

Something came to me as a title... A title that seems pretentious, at least ambitious... The need is perhaps to value sensitivity, fragility, in a world that seems to belong to those who manage their armour. This is the beginning of the investigation.

With Yumi Osanai.

Role : Conception & performance
Project type : 4 long duration performances
Creation year : May, June 2016
Performer : Boryana Todorova, with the participation of Yumi Osanai
Premiere : 28 of May 2016, Parcours d’artistes Saint-Gilles & Forest, Brussels (BE)