Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

The Water, The Soil, The Jungle

The Water, the Soil, the Jungle refers to human specie’s different manners of approaching to nature; the tendencies towards its subjectification redefines nature as an actant, or the naturalization of the subject which underlines that nature always already embraces each and every living being including human. It has connotations relating to the myths and stories in which nature is depicted as an independent actant; and at the same time to the current discourses of ecology, which may be summarized with the sentence We are nature defending itself. In this direction, the three actants submit themselves to being human, inhuman, organic, inorganic, natural, technological, gendered and genderless at the same time.   Müge Yilmaz


Role : Performer
Project type : Animated camouflage costume for Müge Yilmaz, visual artist
Creation year : June 2016
Performers : Keyna Nara, Yumi Osanai & Boryana Todorova
Premiere : 25 of June 2016, Working Title Festival # 4, Workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE)
Website :,

Photographe : Cyril Clément