Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

De la Beauté

(About the Beauty)

Close your eyes, move away from the world to find the world.
The stage of the theater is transformed into an alchemy cabinet where are invited ghosts, paintings, music, words, gestures and visions of artists and writers.
Close your eyes. Open your eyes ...
The beauty appear suddenly.

Role : Actress
Project type : Theatrical creation
Creation year : June 2014, January, February, March and October 2015
Conception & Stage Director : Pascal Crochet / Assistant Roxane Lefebvre / Scenography & costumes Alicia Jeannin / Light design Florence Richard / Video Raymond Delepierre / Sound design Raymond Delepierre & Pascal Crochet / Light Director Gauthier Minne / Sound Director Daniel Tursch / Setting construction Olivier Waterkeyn / Dresser Nina Juncker.
Actors : Elisa Lozano, Anne-Rose Goyet, Thierry Lefèvre & Boryana Todorova
Premiere : 24 of February 2015, Rideau de Bruxelles Theater, Brussels (BE)
Website :,,

Photographe : Emilie Lauwers