Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

La terre est plate

(The Earth is flat)

20 minutes to tell the birth of a ghost.
Every day at 3:30 pm exactly, Lucie's left ear gets clogged. At 5:00 pm, his hearing returns to normal. During this hour and a half, everything she hears is attenuated, distorted, twisted, transformed. Because of this phenomenon, all the perception of its environment is changed, and thus all its "being in the world". At sixteen fifty-three that day, she's hit by a car. For Lucie time stops. She realises that she can consider her own death serenely, as being alien to her. She may consider this as something optional, relative and stay in a non-dead zone.

Role : Actress
Project type : Theatrical creation
Creation year : February, March 2017
Stage Director Virginie Thirion & Alice Piemme / Text Virginie Thirion / Sound design & music Eric Ronsse / Video Alice Piemme / Camera, montage & editing Rafael Serenellini / Director & assistant Tawfik Matine
Actors : Virginie Thirion, Boryana Todorova & Tawfik Matine
Premiere : 23 of March 2017, XS Festival, Théâtre National, Brussels (BE)
Website :,,

Photographe : Alice Piemme & Rafael Serenellini