Boryana Todorova

Actress / Performer / Assistant Director

Mécanique de la chambre intérieure

(Mechanics of the inner space)

We live in a time when all fields are affected by disillusionment and deconstruction of outdated values. Something breaks down, crumbles, disintegrates, and in the interstices, breaches, something else appears, in the hollow of what seems lost. All strata of society are affected. This project transposes this problematic into the artistic field by combining reality and fiction.   Drita Kotaji, Veronika Mabardi & Alice Piemme

Role : Actress
Project type : Film
Creation year : August 2016
Directors : Drita Kotaji, Veronika Mabardi et Alice Piemme
Camera operator : Rafael Serenellini
Website :

Photographe : Alice Piemme